project: 1920 Villa Addition


location: Belgrade, Serbia
area: 266 m²
year: 2022

We find great pleasure in working on older structures as they possess a unique charm and stylistic value, qualities often absent in more modern constructions. When tackling projects like this 1920s house, we make it our mission to not only preserve but also enhance the original building's character.


In our design process, we approached the addition to this house with a holistic perspective. We aimed to create an extension that seamlessly integrates with the existing structure while also standing out as a contemporary addition. Our main objective was to ensure that the new extension complements rather than competes with the old, allowing the distinctive "kulica" to maintain its prominence.


Considering the substantial stylistic significance inherent in the existing modernist-style residence, particularly accentuated by its prominent architectural element, the "kulica," our design ethos was rooted in the preservation and meticulous restoration of the original structure. Simultaneously, we envisioned seamlessly integrating a contemporary extension that not only respects but also enhances the modernist aesthetic of the home.


In pursuit of this vision, deliberate decisions were made to ensure that the new addition harmonized with the existing structure without overshadowing its distinct modernist character. One such decision involved setting back the first-floor wall of the front facade, creating a subtle yet intentional distinction between the original ground level and the contemporary extension. This nuanced approach not only provides spatial continuity but also allows the modernist lines of the old house to gracefully merge with the new, reinforcing the timeless appeal of the entire composition.


Moreover, the height of the extension was carefully considered, deliberately maintaining a modest elevation relative to the original structure's attic level. By doing so, we sought to preserve the visual balance and integrity of the house while subtly delineating the addition as a respectful yet discernible departure from its predecessor.


Our modernist-inspired design intervention represents a thoughtful dialogue between past and present, where the rich heritage of the existing structure is celebrated and invigorated by contemporary sensibilities.


While echoing the rounded corners reminiscent of the old house's style, we opted for a modern facade materialization to clearly differentiate the extension from the original building. For the facade, aluminum vertical louvers in a contrasting color were selected to add dynamism without overshadowing the existing architectural elements. In essence, our approach blends tradition with innovation, respecting the heritage of the old while embracing the possibilities of the new.