Tallow is a high-end Kosher restaurant designed with a black-and-white palette and natural materials. The layout features a balance of dark and light elements, with a focus on cozy ambiance. Highlights include green accents, abundant greenery, and flowy curtains connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. The bar design incorporates arches and natural textures for a warm, inviting feel.




The project scope was to turn a one-bedroom into a two-bedroom Airbnb apartment. An additional room was created by extending and repurposing the existing kitchen and changing the former living room into a combined kitchen-dining-living space. Since the spaces so formed were small and narrow, the interior colors are kept light and neutral. Everything is well-packed, with custom furniture to use the maximum potential of the space.


Nestled in Houston, USA, this residential gem boasts two apartments and a cozy micro-unit atop, complemented by inviting communal spaces. Designed with precision, the architecture gracefully integrates with the plot's contours, offering a fluid form that evolves beautifully from every angle. Vertical accents and expansive windows add depth and elegance, while strategically placed terraces create a dynamic visual appeal. Parking convenience, spacious living, and a rooftop oasis await, all crafted with the signature warmth and charm of American wooden framing. Welcome to a harmonious blend of form and function, tailored to Houston's vibrant spirit.



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