project: Thyme & Tonic Restaurant


location: New York, USA
area: 1624 sq.ft.
year: 2022

The Thyme & Tonic project offers a refreshing take on the redesign of a Mediterranean restaurant, drawing inspiration from the enchanting elements of its outdoor garden. The decision to integrate a pink-ish color scheme was a nod to the beloved Wisteria flowers and other pink accents adorning the exterior space, thereby seamlessly blending the restaurant's indoor ambiance with its outdoor allure.


This project aimed to revitalize an established Mediterranean restaurant through a comprehensive redesign. Drawing inspiration from the captivating outdoor garden adorned with Wisteria flowers and beloved pink accents, we endeavored to infuse the interior with the same enchanting allure. Thus, the decision to adopt a pink-ish color palette was a natural extension of the outdoor ambiance, seamlessly integrating elements that patrons cherished into the restaurant's interior aesthetic.

Inspired by the evocative essence of the restaurant's name, "thyme," we embarked on a creative journey to infuse the space with botanical whimsy and natural splendor. Neon plants, delicately nestled within the arches and windows, emerged as a playful homage to the herb, casting a luminous glow that breathed new life into the surroundings.

But our botanical odyssey didn't end there. Behind plush banquettes and above the central table, verdant greenery flourished, transforming mere corners into lush retreats. Amidst this verdant tapestry, Wisteria flowers cascaded like ethereal waterfalls, their delicate blooms captivating the gaze and infusing the atmosphere with a sense of enchantment.

In every corner, the harmony of nature's hues danced with the vibrant pulse of the restaurant, weaving a narrative of freshness and vitality. From the neon whispers of thyme to the cascading beauty of Wisteria, our design sought to transport patrons on a sensory journey, where every glance revealed a new facet of botanical wonder.


The primary challenges faced with the existing space stemmed from its excessive darkness and a discordance among its elements. The walls, entirely composed of brick, contributed to this somber ambiance, exacerbated by a rectangular opening dividing the restaurant's rooms, crowned by a large, exposed iron beam. This rugged aesthetic, we felt, detracted from the desired atmosphere. To remedy this, we conceived the idea of introducing arches - not only to conceal the opening but also to harmonize the space. These arches, strategically positioned as niches along the walls, artfully expose sections of the brick while covering the majority, striking a delicate balance. Embracing the Mediterranean essence, we enriched the space with rustic plaster wall finishes and complemented the existing wooden ceiling with wooden beams. Leather cushions adorning the banquettes, accompanied by boho decorative pillows in hues of burgundy, black, and white, further elevate the ambiance, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.