ATHENS ApartmEnt

project: Athens Apartment


location: Athens, Greece
area: 65 m²
year: 2020

The objective of the project was to transform a one-bedroom apartment into a spacious two-bedroom Airbnb rental unit. This involved the strategic reconfiguration of the existing layout to accommodate the additional room without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. One of the key alterations included extending and repurposing the original kitchen area to create the new bedroom, while the former living room was transformed into a multifunctional space combining the kitchen, dining, and living areas seamlessly.


Given the inherent constraints of the small and narrow spaces, particular attention was paid to the selection of interior colors and materials. Opting for light and neutral tones throughout the apartment helped to visually expand the perceived space and create an inviting ambiance. The use of bespoke furniture and built-in storage solutions played a pivotal role in maximizing every inch of available space, ensuring both practicality and comfort for the occupants.


Additionally, careful consideration was given to the flow and circulation within the apartment, with a focus on optimizing spatial efficiency and enhancing the overall user experience. Thoughtful placement of furniture, strategic use of mirrors, and clever design details were employed to enhance the sense of openness and functionality within the compact footprint.

Overall, the Athens apartment renovation project successfully achieved its goal of transforming a modest one-bedroom unit into a stylish and functional two-bedroom Airbnb accommodation, catering to the needs and preferences of modern travelers seeking comfort and convenience during their stay in the vibrant city of Athens.