Our services

Architectural design

If you're looking to renovate, expand, or transform your existing house or building, or if you have an empty lot where you envision building your dream home, reach out to us with details about your project. We'll provide you with a quote and outline the design steps to bring your vision to life!

Residential & commercial interior design

Are you in need of an established interior design firm specializing in restaurant and bar spaces? Or perhaps you're seeking to elevate the style of your home? Look no further! We provide customized design solutions tailored to your preferences and requirements, guiding you from concept to completion with creativity and expertise.

Design consultations


Let's chat!
If you're not sure what kind of services you'd need, or have only a small question or dilemma about your space, you can schedule a design consultation, where we'd answer your questions and help solve your dilemmas.

Our process

1. Initial Consultation

The process often begins with an initial consultation between the client and the design team to discuss the project requirements, goals, budget, and timeline.

2. Concept Development

During this stage, we work to develop a conceptual vision for the project. This may involve researching design trends, creating mood boards, and exploring different design concepts to align with the client's preferences and needs.


3. Schematic Design

In this phase, we translate the conceptual vision into preliminary design sketches and layouts. This may include floor plans, elevations, and 3D renderings to help the client visualize the proposed design.


4. Design Development

Once the client approves the schematic design, we proceed to refine and develop the design further. This involves specifying materials, finishes, furniture, and fixtures, as well as addressing any technical considerations or structural requirements.

5. Construction Documentation

In this stage, we prepare detailed drawings, specifications, and other documentation necessary for construction. This includes floor plans, sections, elevations, schedules, and any other relevant information needed to communicate the design intent to contractors and other stakeholders.


6. Construction Oversight

During the construction phase, we will be overseeing the implementation of the design, conducting site visits, reviewing progress, and addressing any issues or changes that arise during construction.