project: Tallow - Kosher Restaurant


location: New York, USA
area: 1414 sq.ft.
year: 2024

The project's objective was to create a sophisticated Kosher restaurant, prompting us to adopt a black-and-white color scheme complemented by natural materials such as rope, rattan, and jute. We envisioned a design where darker elements grounded the space while lighter ones ascended towards the ceiling.

The lower level features the existing dark terrazzo flooring, retained to add depth, alongside curved, floating banquettes crafted from dark wood and matching chairs.

Above, the space is adorned with the original tin tile ceiling, painted in crisp white to enhance brightness. Semi-sheer white curtains, arranged in a graceful flow, draw the eye from the entrance to the rear. Accentuating this ethereal ambiance, slender white pendant lights gracefully punctuate the curtains.

In the middle section, an existing brick wall has been painted in a soothing beige tone, harmonizing with the surroundings. Opposite, the bar area exudes warmth with venetian plaster adorning its walls and natural-toned fluted wood panels enhancing the bar's visual appeal.


In this project, our focus was on seamlessly connecting the restaurant's entrance to the garden exit, fostering a natural flow and a sense of fluidity.

To achieve this, we conceived a concept centered around the installation of lightweight curtains suspended from the ceiling, softly illuminated by LED lights. This design element not only imbued the space with a cozy ambiance but also added an air of elegance, guiding patrons on a journey of effortless transition from indoors to outdoors.


To infuse the design with intrigue and spontaneity, we introduced select colored accents throughout the space, adding layers of visual interest. Notable among these are the nature-inspired green tiles adorning the bar wall, complemented by vibrant green accent chairs adorned with whimsical bird motifs, and plush green cushions on the armchairs.

In addition to these lively touches, we incorporated elements that contribute to the cozy and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant. Three sizable rope chandeliers cast a warm glow overhead, while rattan armchairs and rope barstools offer comfortable seating options with a touch of rustic charm. Completing the ensemble, round jute rugs grace the floor beneath the generously sized tables, adding texture and warmth to the ambiance.





The restaurant's layout features a dynamic interplay between its walls, with a sleek bar on one side and a long, sinuous floating banquette on the other. Anchoring this distinctive seating area are two large, round tables adorned with verdant trees at their center, serving as captivating focal points that leave a lasting impression on guests.

In keeping with our signature style, an abundance of greenery adorns the space, infusing it with life and vitality. The centerpiece of this botanical display is the lush trees nestled within the large tables, their verdant foliage adding a refreshing touch to the dining experience. Additionally, planters positioned behind the banquettes contribute to the verdant ambiance, while vines cascading from the railing above the bar lend a whimsical charm to the surroundings.






Designing the bar posed a unique challenge due to its elongated structure, compounded by the presence of an existing pillar that did not align precisely in the middle. To address this, we opted to divide the wall behind the bar into two uneven sections using arches. This visually broke up the length of the bar, while also providing an opportunity to introduce an additional pillar at the bar's end, further enhancing its architectural balance.

To imbue the space with a sense of warmth and intimacy, we employed Venetian plaster on the walls, creating a textured backdrop that invites patrons to linger. Complementing this cozy aesthetic, natural wood fluted panels adorn the bar, adding depth and character to the design.

For a touch of tropical flair, we incorporated intricate tile details beneath the bar shelves, evoking the lush beauty of a tropical paradise. Above, vine plants cascade from the ceiling, infusing the space with a natural vibrancy that enhances the overall ambiance, creating an inviting oasis for patrons to enjoy.